Friday, February 26, 2010

Cancer, cancer, everywhere

So in 2004 my Father-in-Law, Stephen, died of cancer.
In 2006 my Grandpa Richards died of cancer
In 2007 my cousin Stephen died of cancer.
In 2009 my uncle Kevin was diagnosed with cancer.
Now in 2010, my cousin's son Spencer was diagnosed with cancer.
And possibly another one of my cousins, Becky (cousin Stephen's sister), may have cancer. She'll be having a biopsy on Monday.

It is so sad to see my family members go through trials but I know it will only make them stronger.

To my family members, we pray for you daily and hope you can feel them them.

We love you!


1 comment:

  1. We really appreciate the prayers and miss you like crazy! I'm just bursting to see your beautiful little girl.

    Becky hasn't been diagnosed yet she has a biopsy Monday. It is 1 of many possibilities, the prayers will help the outcome of the biopsy. Love you SO much Laura! (& Caleb)