Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Addition

We have had some exciting news recently, baby number 2 is on the way and...its a boy!!! We're very excited about the news. Laura and baby are doing great. December is going to be a busy month for us, 4 birthdays and Christmas. Looks like Caleb will have to work extra hard to afford all of the presents.
Evelyn is getting bigger and bigger every day. She really enjoyed playing in the snow this winter and she is loving playing outside this summer.
We went to southern California in June and Evelyn got to play on the beach. She had a great time and we got to see friends and family.
She's keeping us on our toes but we wouldn't trade her for all of the jewelry in the world. We are very blessed to have a new addition to our family and we are excited to meet our new baby boy.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

sick sick sick of sickness and update

We had a little excitement the weekend of November 13. Laura woke up at 11:30 Friday night complaining of the worst headache ever. She was really dizzy and nauseous and every time she moved her head, she would throw up. She made it through the night, but wasn't any better in the morning. She said something about going to the hospital and I knew it was serious. I made some calls and got Laura's parents out of a church meeting to come get Evelyn. We went to the ER and after some tests, they determined that Laura has vertigo.

As a side note; isn't vertigo more of a symptom than a diagnosis? I thought so, but apparently I was wrong.

Anyway, Laura has been sleeping at her parents house so that they can take care of her and Evelyn and I can do school and work. Needless to say, I'm lonely at home and Laura is really tired of sleeping all day. She's still really dizzy when she moves her head, but the headache and nausea have gone away. Hopefully she'll be able
to be up and about for Thanksgiving next week.

Meanwhile, Evelyn has been having a ball playing with her Grandma and Grandpa Richards.

They went to In-N-Out

She ate a mini Twix candy bar

And now since the blog hasn't been updated in a long time here are some random pictures of what has been happening to our family:

Evelyn was a cow for Halloween

Last family picture for 2 years(l to r, Courtney(Uncle Cory's girlfriend), Uncle Cory, Aunt Jen, Grandpa, Uncle Brent, Grandma holding Evelyn, Uncle Bryce, Mommy, Daddy)

At the park across the street from the MTC.

Uncle Brent loves his niece, he'll be serving in the New York New Your City North mission until November 2012.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Last week on Wednesday I found Evelyn's first tooth! It was just barely above her gum but it's there! It's her bottom right.

Caleb just finished his Summer school semester and starts up next week with the Fall semester. We're hoping he'll only have Fall, Spring and Summer school and start pharmacy school in the Fall of next year. We won't start filling out school apps until early next year.

Caleb & I teach the 11 year old primary/sunday school class and love it but I'm not sure how much longer we'll be able to do it. Evelyn's quite a distraction now that she can climb up on things. She also LOVES paper, books, manuals, scriptures so the kids have to keep the scriptures off their laps and floor!

I've started a new cross stitch pattern and hope to have it done before Brent leaves on his mission to NYC. It says "New York" and has a few scenes from NY on it.

I'm really enjoying couponing. I love to shop (for anything but clothes for myself) so couponing is great! Today's 3 transactions at Walgreens included the same 2 items.

2-Head & Shoulders 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner (14.2 oz each)

Total = $2.54

3 transactions/6 Head & Shoulders = $7.62

The same stuff from Costco is $.26 an ounce and I got it for $.09!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Couponing - Smiths!

Smiths has some really great deals when you use your Smiths card...


3 - 12 pkToilet paper
3 Fruit Juice
3 Toothpaste
1 - 2 pkBar soap
3 - 2 pk Sponge
Lime Juice



10 Feminine products
10 Yogurt


20 Mentos Gum (yes, 20)
Bottle water
Gallon water



10 Tissue
2 Dish soap
3 Ranch
6 Taco seasoning
3 Shave gel
2 Toothpaste
4 Colgate Wisp
2 Deodorant
4 Toothbrushes
10 Travel size toiletries
1 Gum
2 Yogurt
2 Tights


RETURN! I didn't pay attention to some of the items and had to return some things.

3 Ranch
2 Toothbrushes
2 Colgate Wisp
2 Deodorant


I then went and purchased some other things.

2 Pump hand soap
2 Colgate Wisp



2 Fruit Juice
3 Conditioner
3 Shampoo
3 Body wash
1 Frozen pizza


Todays deals - 8/11/10

9 Hamburger helper
9 Tissue
4 Cereal
3 Fruit Juice
2 Gardettos
3 Bugles
3 Chex mix


Couponing - Walgreens!

I've started couponing and wanted to post some of my great deals for you all. (Not that many people read this. . . . )

Walgreens -


3 pk Huggies Wipes
3 Ban Deodorant
3 - 2 pkg Bounty Paper towels
3 pk Huggies Diapers
3 Razors
3 - 24 ct Crayola crayons
3 - 20 ct Crayola markers

Before coupons, mail-in rebates, etc.=$91.05



8 Toothpaste
3 Razor
3 Shave gel
3 feminine products
2 body wash
4 - 200 ct Ziploc bags
3 candy bars

Before coupons, mail-in rebates, etc.=$81.40


Keep in mind, all items are name brand!

I am really enjoying the deals and already have a nice emergency supply!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Sunday evening we returned home from a short trip to California for our friends Kellie & Brad's wedding.

We drove up Thursday and went to dinner at Claim Jumper. The lemons kept Evelyn happy but she was still loud as ever! She actually loved them!

The next day Mom, Jen & I went to get pedicures from the place we used to go to when we lived down there and they remembered us, which was fun.

Afterwords we went to lunch at Souplantation where Evelyn made one of the biggest messes I've ever seen her make. By the time we left she had food all over under the high chair. Oranges, bread, raisins, cheerios, ice cream cones, brownie.........

After lunch we took at swim in the awesome pool that was heated to 84 degrees! I was really surprised we got Evelyn in, it just took a little getting used to. We even dunked her proabably 10 times and she didn't mind it too much.

Friday night we also went to Aunt Cheryl & Uncle Stacy's place for dinner with the family. It was great to see everyone and thanks Grandma Jeanne for the adorable tea set you got Evelyn!

The next morning was the wedding at the Newport Beach Temple. It was a great sealing and such a beautiful day!

The cute couple!

After the sealing was a luncheon at the Long Beach East Stake center and a reception later that evening. It was such a great trip!

Evelyn eating some blue licorice on the way home.

A few updates:

-Evelyn can now crawl, not just army crawl.

-July 15th she pulled herself up to the couch for the first time and doesn't stop. We're going to be in trouble soon!

-My cousin Kim and her 4 girls (we missed you Nick!) were staying with us just before we left for Cali and her 3 year old Lauren called Evelyn, Ed-o-lyn. Too cute!

-July 27th at the end of Evelyn's nap, I walked into her room and she was standing up in her play pen. I knew she could pull herself up, but it was still an accomplishment. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The blog wouldn't let me keep posting the other day so here are some more!

June 4

Playing on the grass in a new outfit!
June 5

On Sunday she tried squash for the first time and liked it by Monday. The peas we tried today, but she doesn't like them so much. We'll try again when she wakes up from her nap.
She's on the MOVE!
About a week ago she really started scooting around. Not quite crawling, but close enough. She'll get up on her hands and knees and move her knees but fall on her tummy because she doesn't move her arms. She'll get it eventually. Right now we're just working on getting things out of low shelves!
Today is also Uncle Cory's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I forgot to mention, last Friday was her 6 month birthday. YIPPEE! We can't believe 1/2 a year has flown by since she was born. Sometimes I miss her being brand new, other times it's a relief. :)

Friday, June 11, 2010


The latest pics......
May 11 - Attacking the plastic

May 17 - After her fight with a cat.
Just kidding. She took her nails to her face before we cut them.
We won't be waiting so long next time......

May 26 - Spoon-fed rice cereal. She didn't like it too much.
I think it was too thick at first so I watered it down.
Then it was too watery.

More rice cereal

June 4 - Playing after the bath.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life is busy

Wow!!! We, (by that I mean both Laura and myself) aren't very good at this blog thing. Here are some new things that have happened in the last month.

Evelyn has learned how to sit up all on her own. She can even stay up for more than a couple of seconds. Such an intelligent child.

The other night I was getting her ready for bed, I left her on the bed and she rolled herself over and while my back was turned, she started to giggle. I turned around and lo and behold...she was up on all fours! She'll be crawling before we know what happened.

Evelyn had her 6 month checkup and weighed in at 15 lbs 13 oz and 27 inches tall. That's good enough for 56th percentile for weight and 98th percentile for height. I wonder where she got that from?

Laura stays busy with taking care of Evelyn all day. She's been doing a lot of family history and she continues to amaze me with her many many talents.

Caleb....well I have just been busy with summer semester at school. I'm currently taking physiology and so now I go around spouting useless information like "calcium binds to troponin, which moves tropomycin, allowing myosin to bind to actin." Its interesting, just not great conversation making stuff. This is another reason that Laura amazes me. She will listen to me spout incomprehensible babble and she still loves me.


Monday, May 10, 2010

New things

The week of May 2nd Evelyn learned to:
-do the indian call with Mom or Dad's help, of course.
-roll from her back to her tummy! To date, she's only done it twice but we're fine with that =)
Here are some new(ish) pictures...
Evelyn & Ava
Ava is 2 days older than Evelyn

With Aunt Sarah the day she went back to Puebl0, CO

April 17 in her Bumbo

Kissing Aunt Sarah (before she left)

Playing around before bedtime