Monday, March 1, 2010

Funny Things

My mom has decided to do family dinner once a month. She decided that the last Sunday of the month was going to be the day. We were at her house last night, and while changing Evelyn's diaper, my nephew Coleton came up and looked at her and told me that she didn't have a weenie. He told me that he had a weenie, and his brother Gage had a weenie, but she didn't. He's a funny kid.

He was also downstairs with my mom last night and my mom said she thought she heard a storm blowing in. She asked if he could hear it and he said "lets ask my mom, she's not dumb"

Laura was fighting an infection this weekend. She got some antibiotics on Friday, and slept most of the day Friday and Saturday. I'm grateful that her mom was willing to let us hang out at their house all day on Saturday. Laura was there most of the day Friday too. Good thing that her little sister had her wisdom teeth removed on Friday so Nurse Jill could take care of them both. We love Laura's family and we're so happy that they are close to us and can help us when we need it.


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  1. hahaha! I love that boy! I hope he thinks I'm not dumb forever!