Monday, July 26, 2010


Sunday evening we returned home from a short trip to California for our friends Kellie & Brad's wedding.

We drove up Thursday and went to dinner at Claim Jumper. The lemons kept Evelyn happy but she was still loud as ever! She actually loved them!

The next day Mom, Jen & I went to get pedicures from the place we used to go to when we lived down there and they remembered us, which was fun.

Afterwords we went to lunch at Souplantation where Evelyn made one of the biggest messes I've ever seen her make. By the time we left she had food all over under the high chair. Oranges, bread, raisins, cheerios, ice cream cones, brownie.........

After lunch we took at swim in the awesome pool that was heated to 84 degrees! I was really surprised we got Evelyn in, it just took a little getting used to. We even dunked her proabably 10 times and she didn't mind it too much.

Friday night we also went to Aunt Cheryl & Uncle Stacy's place for dinner with the family. It was great to see everyone and thanks Grandma Jeanne for the adorable tea set you got Evelyn!

The next morning was the wedding at the Newport Beach Temple. It was a great sealing and such a beautiful day!

The cute couple!

After the sealing was a luncheon at the Long Beach East Stake center and a reception later that evening. It was such a great trip!

Evelyn eating some blue licorice on the way home.

A few updates:

-Evelyn can now crawl, not just army crawl.

-July 15th she pulled herself up to the couch for the first time and doesn't stop. We're going to be in trouble soon!

-My cousin Kim and her 4 girls (we missed you Nick!) were staying with us just before we left for Cali and her 3 year old Lauren called Evelyn, Ed-o-lyn. Too cute!

-July 27th at the end of Evelyn's nap, I walked into her room and she was standing up in her play pen. I knew she could pull herself up, but it was still an accomplishment. :)

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